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Hi all!! Welcome to my Deviant!! I edit photo prints and wallpapers/Facebook Cover Photos and share some edits and I hope you like it all!! Even though it's just a little gallery

I'm someone who created this deviant..:iconloolfaceplz:..I can't tell you my name but you can call me Anne-chan -- but this is my 2nd name :D
I'm 12 years old..Filipino..
I start my deviant on 02-12-11
Please like my page too on facebook :)… --It's about Fairy Tail..

I'm an Otaku too..hehe..!!
My fave. animes are:
One Piece and Fairy Tail

Well when it comes to characters well my favorite one in One Piece is :iconchopperplz:,:iconusoppplz: and :iconluffyplz: because they make me laugh everytime!!

Uhm in Fairy Tail I guess Edo :iconnatsuplz: cause he's more cooler when he's in his car...:iconlaughplz:

I think all I watch is like adventures so that I will keep looking forward what's going on next! :iconfacepalmplz: Oh well.. :icongenenukkie: Mysteries toooo!! :iconcoolplz:

Feel free to watch me..Even though I only post here a little...But still good.!! Have a nice life and thnx to everyone who watched me.
1. Real Name: francheska

2. Nicknames: cheska,
anne, chek, frannie, frank
anyway u lyk

3. Zodiac Sign: cancer

4. Male or Female: female

5. Elementary school: St.
Paul College of Paranaque
(Grade 1) , Philippine
International School Qatar(
Grade 2 -4) Cambridge
School (6)

6. High school: not yet

7. College: i said so

8. Hair color: black or brown
black idek

9. Tall or short: i want to be

10. IM or email: uhhmm
mail.. ?!

11. Sweats or Jeans: either
and pants

13. Health Freak: wut that?

14. Orange or Apple: i lyk

15. Do you have a secret
crush on someone: maybe..
Y not?

16. Eat or Drink: i lyk watch
anime more..

17. Piercings: erm..

18. Pepsi or coke: either. i g

19. Been in an Airplane:
many tyms

20. Been in a relationship:

21. Been in a car accident:

22. Been in a fist fight:
kinda.. (does tickling do?)

23. First piercing: when?

24. Current best friend(s):
Pat,Riz,Dal,Far,Shif, &
many more!

25. First award: who

26. First crush: dunnoo

27. First word: anyone wants
to tell me?

28. Last person you talked to
in person: my matherrr

29. Last person you texted:
don hab cell yet.. :(

30. Last person you watched
a movie with: mom

31. Last movie you watched:
Percy Jackson and Sea of
Monsters!! yeah! awesome

32. Last song you listened to:
golden tiime ending song..

33. Last thing you bought:
top dress

34. Last person you hugged:

35. Favourite Food: i lyk all

36. Favourite Drink: i lyk all
drrinnkss too!! :D

37. Bottoms: ??

38. Flower: anything that is

39. Animal: puppyss

40. Colour: blue aquaas

41. Favourite Movie:
adventure moviess yey!

42. Favourite subject: recess
& lunch & hometym :/

HAVE YOU EVER: (Put an x in
the brackets if you have)

43. ( x ) Got Baptized.

44. ( noppee ) Celebrated

45. (i duno) Had your heart

46. (never did) Went over the
minutes/texts on your cell

47. ( WTF! ) Had someone
question your sexual

48. (
t ) Got pregnant.

49. ( referto48 ) Had an

50. (ialwaysdo) Did
something you regret.

51. (nope) Broke a promise.

52. (x wealwaysdoyea?)
Hid a secret.

53. (i'malwayshhapppy!!)
Pretended to be happy.

54. (x) Met someone who
changed your life.

55. ( x maybekinda )
Pretended to be sick.

56. (x) Left the country.

57. (x) Tried something you
normally wouldn't try and
liked it

58. (inever) Cried over the
silliest thing.

59. (x) Ran a mile.

60. ( x ) Went to the beach
with your best friends.

61. (x) Got into an argument
with your friends. (always)

62. (x) Hated someone.

63. (x duh) Stayed single for
a whole year.


64. Eating: noting

65. Drinking: wuter

66. Listening to: nope

67. Sitting/Laying:  sitting on
a chair ...

68. Plans for today: evening

69. Waiting for: episodes of
my fav animes!


70. Want kids: 2

71. Want to get married:

72. Career: pharmacist or

WHICH ONE in a significant

73. Lips or Eyes: eyes

74. Shorter or taller: taller

75. Romantic or
spontaneous: romantic

76. Hook-up or relationship:

77. Looks or personality:
personality first - both


78. Lost glasses/contacts: no

79. Snuck out of the house:
never i love internet!

80. Held a gun/knife for
self-defense: guuhh why?

81. Killed somebody: heyy//


82. Broken someone's heart:
i'm not too old fo' that

83. Cried when someone
died: kinda


84. Yourself:  yes

85. Miracles: yep yep

86. Love at first sight: yeaa

87. Heaven: YES

88. Santa Claus: abs. no!

89. Sex on the first date: y
would you even-

90. Kiss on the first date:

91. Is there one person you
want to be with right now:

92. Do you know who your
real friends are: i geuss

93. Do you believe in God: I

94. Post as 99 truths:  pfftt

95. Quote a famous person:
"I don't care who you are, I
will kick yo' ass!(or surpass
you :D)" - Monkey D. Luffy
(he's famous y'know)

96. Say something funny: I

97. Laugh at yourself: Haha.
funny mee..!! -_-

98. Last message:  be

99. Another last message:
and die!



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